Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WDC Votes For Hundertwasser Art Museum

At a public meeting I attended, I heard WDC deputy mayor Phil Halse make a commitment to those assembled that the Council will not go ahead with the Hundertwasser Art Museum if they cannot find the additional funds above the $8 million the Council intends to borrow. This apparently, will be around $5 - 6 million and it will be interesting to see if the WDC begins the project, despite this commitment, under the guise of strengthening the old Regional Council building to meet new government requirements since the Christchurch earthquakes. Councilor Kahu Sutherland would no doubt like the project to keep going once this work begins and if Whangarei citizens remain silent, that is a very likely outcome in my opinion. Click on the cartoon to enlarge it.

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